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Circa Round 750mm Frameless Mirror with Polished Edge

Circa Round 750mm Frameless Mirror with Polished Edge


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The Circa Round frameless mirror with a polished edge is a stunning addition to any modern home. Its sleek design and clean lines create an air of sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space. Without the constraints of a traditional frame, this mirror exudes a contemporary and minimalist charm, making it a perfect fit for both small and large rooms alike.


The Circa Round mirror provides a crystal-clear reflection, aiding in daily grooming rituals and making the bathroom routine a delightful experience. Its round shape softens the angles of the room, adding a touch of harmony and balance to the overall design.

  • See yourself in the reflection better with our most colour accurate mirrors ever! Expect 12% higher colour accuracy than other bathroom mirrors with substantially less green tinge (sample comparison available in our showroom)
  • Premium build quality with premium parts 
  • Copper free and strongly rust and corrosion resistant, built to last long in a high moisture environment
  • Suitable for use anywhere in the house, built to perform in a bathroom


The Circa Round frameless mirror is available in the following sizes:

  • 600mm Diameter
  • 700mm Diameter
  • 750mm Diameter
  • 800mm Diameter
  • 900mm Diameter
  • 1000mm Diameter
  • 1100mm Diameter
  • 1200mm Diameter


  • Installed via hanging with the supplied brackets and fixing kit, re-inforce after hanging using silicone
  • 5mm glass thickness
  • Copper free make, rust resistant and ideal for high-moisture

    What's Included

    Included in every box is the mirror, packaged well to prevent damage in transport.

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