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Retti Rectangular 750mm x 750mm Shaving Cabinet Mirror, Matte White

Retti Rectangular 750mm x 750mm Shaving Cabinet Mirror, Matte White


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The Retti Rectangular shaving cabinet mirror epitomises sleek and practical bathroom design. Its clean lines and geometric precision offer a timeless aesthetic, seamlessly integrating into various decor styles.


The straightforward shape maximizes functionality, providing ample reflective surface for grooming routines. The rectangular frame also allows for efficient storage behind the mirror, merging form and utility. This mirror's simplicity enhances the overall minimalist appeal of contemporary bathrooms, creating a polished and organised atmosphere. Whether mounted above a vanity or seamlessly embedded into the wall, the rectangular shaving cabinet mirror stands as a versatile and essential element, marrying form and function effortlessly.

  • See yourself in the reflection better with our most colour accurate mirrors ever! Expect 12% higher colour accuracy than other bathroom mirrors with substantially less green tinge
  • Copper free and strongly rust and corrosion resistant, built to last long in a high moisture environment


    The Retti Rectangular shaving cabinet mirror is available in:

    • 450mm x 750mm
    • 600mm x 750mm
    • 750mm x 750mm
    • 900mm x 750mm
    • 1200mm x 750mm


        • Installed via pivot holes 
        • Recessed or over-wall installation available.

        What's Included

        Included in every box is the mirror, packaged well to prevent damage in transport.

        Delivery and Lead Time

        This product dispatches within 1-3 business days, for large orders please allow additional dispatch time. Lead time is within 5-10 business days to most metropolitan areas. Regional or otherwise remote areas may take longer. Please contact us if you need urgent delivery.

        Additional costs apply for shipping to regional locations.

        Warranty and Returns

        This product includes a 2 year warranty for manufacturer defects.

        Returns are not accepted for this product, so please check the sizes carefully before ordering.

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